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28 July 2009 @ 12:01 am
Yep. Sifted out the ones who haven't posted in years and never held any sort of acquaintance/friendship with me. I don't normally do these formally, as I wait for my f-listers to cut me first (I'm sentimental like that and apparently uninteresting to you guys eventually), but even I must admit that it was long overdue. Honestly, I really should only have about 10-15 people friended anyway, since I don't know most of y'all all that well and commenting is sparse.

If you do so happen to want to hop back aboard, just reply here.
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No, truth be told I am feeling better than ever since summer's come around. It was long overdue. And yes, I am aware that we've experienced a wave of deaths in the media world, but in all honesty I wasn't a fan of anyone who passed. Even the OxiClean man. ;) So the most difficult of all was the death of my hamster, Remy.

She died on Tuesday. After reading more about her breed, I think it was due to her old age mixed with the rise in temperature. My family told me she was fine with the heat last summer, but as she was at least 2 years old this month (which is the average lifespan for a dwarf), she probably couldn't take it as well this time around. She had been sleeping in the middle of the cage out in the open, and the website noted that that is a good sign of being close to the end.

On Friday, I visited our town's annual "end of June" fest. I hadn't been there since they moved to the newer location several years ago. All in all, the weather was perfect, and I was able to go out and spend an evening with my mom again which was fun. Saturday, we went shopping together at Woodfield and found some amazing deals, including the VS sale. I got a $68 bra for $20. It's hands down the best one I've ever owned, lol. And while I am no Coach enthusiast, I did fall in love with this. I really kind of want it.

I've been doing a lot of browsing and purchasing new clothes here and there enough to admit that I think my fashion sense is maturing. My wardrobe has transitioned a fair amount lately, as I'm trying to move out of my "juniors department store" look into more womanly styles. It's okay if I physically look 15, but I'm tired of dressing that age. I guess that this month I've been granted a great deal more time to think about certain aspects of my life that I'm normally too busy to fixate on, and to be given the time to work on some of my external traits should hopefully prove its worth.
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16 June 2009 @ 08:36 pm
Chicago's snapshot summer doesn't know if it's coming or going this year, but either way, I'm taking advantage.

In the past several days, I've gone golfing, crafting, visiting family, and swimming at my apartment pool. The last activity is usually rare in my case, but honestly lately I've wanted to hit the water. And in my newfound enthusiasm, I ordered two bikinis from Victoria's Secret, a bandeau and low-rise and a triangle set. The first one I'd been eyeing for awhile now and waited till it went on sale; the second was so cheap that I ended up ordering it the next day (I got it and a t-shirt for the cost of shipping!). You have to understand that before this week I hadn't bought a two-piece in years, literally, and had been sticking to unmatched or one-piece beachwear. So I thought it was time.

Crafts-wise, I finished making a rug that I'd been working on for a few weeks, a little at a time. Someone in my building gave the kit away in the laundry room. It's of a unicorn in a fantasy setting, and maybe it seems kind of an 'old lady'-ish hobby, but occasionally I do like to latch hook. My mom used to do it in the 70s while my dad was performing in his bands or whatever, so I suppose I got it from her. ;)

My sister's graduation was of course the Sunday before last, and also of course started off horribly but finished with a dinner that hushed the entire family from its discord. Wildfire is a fine restaurant, and the funny thing is that I don't ever remember hearing about it. I saw Up during the week too and liked it a lot. It's not the best Pixar movie, but it was good and presented certain themes I can't say I've seen in many animated films before.

Now if there's anything else to say, then I'll say time goes by too darned fast because I feel like an auntie to a couple of my youngest cousins. I hadn't seen them in maybe 4 or so years and wow, did they grow! It seems like yesterday that I was reading children's books to boys that are about to beat me now in height and girth. Sigh.
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I can't believe it's already June! My sister's finished high school and has her graduation next Sunday, and my mom's school year ends on Friday. She won't be working there next fall (she was moved to two others due to the eco crisis), and she'll be sad to go, but we have a lot to look forward to in the summer. Back on May 25th was Joseph's and my one year together as well, making it a pivotal time in all our lives.

To kind of round things out, my dad's birthday is tomorrow. So when I went shopping this weekend I bought him another black shirt because, if you've seen my dad in person, you'll know that's the only color he wears. ;) Picked up a new pair of light green Franco Sarto sandals too, to match all my red or green dresses (10 bucks on ebay!). I also got a large forest green Fossil tote for myself, since it was 70% off and I've been looking for a big purse to carry around my camera in. I've used my two LeSportsac hobos (awesome bags, by the way. You can put them in the wash!) for a few years now and thought it was time for something new.

So things have been fine at home, but well this has been on my mind, and yeah. I just learned that my best friend's house burned down, and that she lost her job not two weeks later. We don't call each other much anymore because she's so busy, but I hadn't heard from her since my birthday and was wondering how she'd been lately. More on that.Collapse )
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It's been over a year since I put up a new layout, so a few days ago I did just that. The credit link is in my userinfo. :) I think this is the first time I've used someone else's layout verbatim, but I started seriously looking around and found this one suited my personality rather well.

As my boyfriend was watching the series and mentioned it, in the last couple weeks I ended up seeing all that was made of the CBS drama Jericho. I very much liked it and am sad to know it's officially over. Yet like most other good canceled shows, it's probably smart to have ended prematurely considering how awful many long-running series become. Anyway, if you haven't heard of it, it's about a small town in Kansas that must deal with the consequences of nearly two dozen nuclear bombs detonating across the US. It somewhat reminded me of Lost; I'm into off-beat stuff so you get the idea.

And while we're on Lost, I saw the finale, and I have one thing to say.Collapse )

Really lately I've just been hanging out at home. Walking outside now that it's warmer; shopping with my mom and picking up great deals here and there. For Mother's Day, I bought her a white waistbelt she had been eyeing, and my dad took us to Nordstrom Cafe for dinner since she likes the salmon there. This Tuesday is my sister's final choir performance, and I look forward to seeing it. Before you know it, both she and I will be gone from here, and I'm sure I'm bound to get nostalgic very soon.
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01 May 2009 @ 03:05 pm
I saw Franz Ferdinand last night. It was a blast, the whole little mass of dance floor bouncing up and down and singing along. Didn't expect some of the song line-up, but it was nice to hear "Tell Her Tonight" and "40'" in there. And of course "Lucid Dreams" in all its maddening glory. If you were wondering, no, I didn't bring my camera to the venue because I knew it'd be too professional-looking to get away with. In time I realized that was actually wonderful for me as for once, I could enjoy a performance without any distractions!

On meeting Nicholas.Collapse )
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21 April 2009 @ 04:27 am
Sunday was Greek Easter. I totally slept through it! How embarrassing.

Luckily my mom and I ate at TGI Friday's the day before, so I was sort of off the hook for it.
I was very pleasantly surprised at how decent the food was considering that the last (and first) time we dined there, pretty much everything was awful. I chose to give it another chance these many years later, and I'm glad I did. The Jack Daniel's flat iron steak was delicious, and with their Stripes card, we received $10 off our order. So overall I had a more fulfilling night than usual.

Other than being able to oversleep, there's been such excessive free time for me since regular Easter that I've begun to read The Lord of the Rings over again. In truth, it's almost as if I'm reading it for the first time: it's pleasantly fresh and exciting in my mind. I suppose I'll never be sick of it.

I've spent several spare moments on Facebook as well, searching for old acquaintances and extended family. In fact, the very first friend I ever made accepted my friends request last week. We met before I went to kindergarten; she was 4, and I was 5. We were best friends until she moved to southern Illinois about 5 years later; we wrote long letters to each other for a good while until one day, she didn't send one back. Anyway, it's really something to see a person grow from 10 to 23 with those 13 years in-between baring no knowledge to me. She has a kid now, too, and while I can see the "old" Jessica in pictures where she smiles, the present Jessica is foreign to me.

In more pressing matters, I'm a little worried about Joseph. A few weeks ago he badly sprained his ankle playing basketball, and after a physical for his job he found out that he shattered the cartilage involved. Therefore he could no longer work as security guard. He had money for rent this month, but he's going to have to rely on government now until he is considered "fit to hire". The doctor told him the injury is going to affect him the rest of his life, and that was panic enough to keep him from finding more work that could aggravate it. I trust in God's will concerning this, but any thoughts or prayers would be appreciated. :)
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No, seriously. I love how pitiful I sounded in my last blog considering that a week later, I interviewed for a part-time job at the Picture People and eventually snagged a position! Yeah yeah, I've heard the company is crap, but the one at Stratford Square needed extra photographers for Easter, so at least I have something temporarily. Although not exactly what I'd like, I'm thankful for any photo work at all.

I had a quiet "3-17" this year with just my parents. My sister didn't even want to spend time with me; she was only going to celebrate if we ate at Potbelly's (honestly, wtf? we can go there anytime!). Instead, I picked out our local Red Robin as I've never been there before, and I received a free meal and dessert for my birthday there too. As a gift from the folks, I picked up my ticket in the mail to see Franz Ferdinand next month. :)

From Joseph, a handwritten letter arrived exactly on my birthday. I was a puddly, romantic mess after reading it; geez, even his handwriting is adorable and cute and just about a million times more readable than mine! Also, since he can't afford a phone plan for his cell right now, the fact that my aunt sent me a 900 minute phone card was -for once- a wonderful thing! She's been giving them as presents every year (and partially used lots of times. yeah, my family is strange), but never before have I had such a need for one.

Before my parents and I came home last night, we went to a pub and had a drink. We were lucky to find a corner booth open in such a close-knit place, but I suppose lucky is what I'm to be on a day like yesterday, right? ;) So I had a beer and knocked out appropriately at the end of my 24th St. Patrick's Day.

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I don't know about you, and maybe it's just all the economy's fault, but I'm feeling particularly down this year. I think I even went through a bit of a depression, a label I'd never before put on myself. At least I can tell why, though. With knowing I have real freedom comes fear, financial fears. Before, I spent 8 months feeling more or less secure, traveling, learning and dealing with love. Now I sit on my bed, reading books and going online, giving the faintest impression that I'm yet alive and in the game. However inside, I'm scared for my future, even if I've heard time and again that everything will be fine.

And I'm sure it will be, even though there's still no feasible job prospects. To keep myself busy, I've been surfing a buffaload of freebie sites along with applying. Signing up for birthday clubs that actually cater to adults (try noodles&co, coldstone, and red robin, for instance), and receiving free samples of stuff I'll probably never use or give to my sister.

Then there's the coupon codes, a deal that VictoriasSecret.com granted me today. With the help of having their credit card, I was able to purchase a bra (retail $24.50) and panty ($16.50) for a grand total of $1.14, including shipping. I doubt you can get much better than that. If you're curious as to how I did it, just ask; I'd like to see it work for someone else.

I volunteered at my church on Saturday, as planned. It was open house for the new extension, and albeit that I get awkward around church members, it wasn't so bad. Similarly my Mandalay Bay photo is on schmap now, which you can view here. It's kinda fun to see it on a popular mobile internet site, besides being that its subject is travel. I think it means something.

I registered a Twitter as well. Am openly amused about how it's a site that's basically dedicated to the Facebook Status. But I'm keen to flist friending and following nonetheless.

See? I'm feeling better already.
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19 January 2009 @ 10:22 pm
I'm home.

Hawaii was amazing and beautiful and just like in the magazines, and then eighteen hours, one boyfriend & his scooter, and three airplane rides later, I arrived back in Chicago. To -30 degree weather.

I don't plan to think too hard for about another week or so. Right now I'm comfortable hibernating, full of local pizza, listening to Franz Ferdinand's new album, and going through the 1300 photos I took in Oahu. Fine ways to celebrate my 8-month anniversary since having altered the fates.
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